Trip Itinerary

Planning a unit study like this takes a lot of time and work to put together. I've done all the hard work for you - pulling resources together to make this painless and as prep-free as possible for you. Here's what you'll be doing on your journey.

  • Popular Tourist Spots

    No cross-country trip of Canada would be complete without stops at Green Gables, the Parliament Buildings, Niagara Falls, the Rockies, and Stanley Park. 

  • Hidden Gems

    Discover lesser known Canadian places like a desert, a magnetic hill, a sleeping giant, a lake monster, an igloo church, and more!

  • Food Tasting

    One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to taste something new from the place you are visiting. Make foods from each province/territory.

  • Hands-On Experiences

    This trip might be virtual, but you aren't! Get your hands busy with art projects, mapping, crafts, and a personalized scrapbook that you make along the way.

  • Online Experiences

    Videos give a first hand view of things to do and see, but there are also walking tours through Google Maps plus interactive games and websites.

  • History & Culture

    So many of the moments we visit and experience as we head across Canada are connected to our past: Indigenous communities, pioneers, Confederation, dinosaurs, and more!

Course curriculum

    1. An Introduction

    2. Supplies Needed

    3. Tourist Materials

    4. Printable Travel Journal

    1. Introduction to Canada

    2. Book

    3. Mapping - Canada

    4. The Canadian Flag

    5. Official Languages of Canada

    6. Journal Time

    7. Additional Resources

    1. Welcome to Newfoundland and Labrador

    2. Book

    3. Let's Explore Newfoundland and Labrador

    4. Food Fun

    5. Artist: Mary Pratt

    6. Journal Time

    7. Additional Resources

    1. Welcome to Nova Scotia

    2. Book

    3. Let's Explore

    4. Food Fun

    5. Artist: Maud Lewis

    6. Journal Time

    7. Additional Resources

    1. Welcome to PEI

    2. Book

    3. Let's Explore

    4. Food Fun

    5. Artist: Caroline Louisa Daly

    6. Journal Time

    7. Additional Resources

    1. Welcome to New Brunswick

    2. Book

    3. Let's Explore New Brunswick

    4. Food Fun

    5. Artist: Freeman Patterson

    6. Journal Time

    7. Additional Resources

About this course

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Bonus Material

To expand your adventure, you will also get both of these extras included in the lessons:

  • Travel Journal

    Printable companion journal to use with The Canadian Adventure. Includes a page for each province with space for 3 things they liked or saw and to draw or make a collage. Also has a before & after journal prompt page, space to design your own flag, and a map of Canada.

  • Canadian Geography Matching Game

    Want a fun way to learn and review what you know about the Canadian provinces? Here’s a matching game! Included for each province and territory is a set of four cards that show a map, the flower, the flag, and the capital city. Print and cut out each card – probably on cardstock for added durability, and then match them up.


  • What is the Difference Between The West to East and the East to West Editions?

    Both virtual trips are essentially the same. The only main differences are the direction of travel and the core book used in each. The East to West edition uses a book called Hey Canada by Vivian Bowers or an alternative titled Are We There Yet? by Alister Mathieson. Both of these books have proven harder to find - especially since the Hey Canada book has gone out of print. The West to East edition uses the more popular book Wow Canada by Vivian Bowers. It was put together to help provide an option if the books from the original virtual trip aren't available. Choose whichever program works with a book you can find. (The book is optional - so if you can't find any of them, it's not going to be a major problem.)

  • How Long Does This Program Take To Complete?

    You can complete this course in as long or as short a time as you would like. Some people choose to study a province a week and use the course as is. Others take longer, diving into one province at a time and adding lots of extras into their experience.

  • What Grade is it For?

    I have intentionally not put a specific grade range for this program because homeschooling is so flexible and variable. It can be used by elementary students without much modification, easily be adapted for middle grade learners, and provide a handy review for high schoolers who want to touch base on their understanding of Canada. I have heard of whole families who completed this program before heading out to travel across the country in person. Use it however it works best for you!

“"I used [this] with my kids aged 7-12. It was a great way to overview all of Canada and was our lead-in to Canadian history. We especially enjoyed the links to various YouTube videos to see and hear the places we 'visited'. Thanks so much for putting it together. "  ”


“"I just received the Canadian Adventure, WOW!! You did so much work for this. I am so excited to do this with my kids."”


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